This past week, Durham saw its first snow of the winter; a sight that brought both delight and despair to campus. Although this does signal the start of below-freezing temperatures, it also reminds us that winter break is near. Even with this in mind, students have given in to the frigid weather, as they throw on jeans, sweatshirts and whatever will keep them warm throughout the day. It seems inappropriate to wear leg-bearing articles in the midst of snow-covered quad, but why can’t you wear a dress and avoid the cold?

This Fashionista shows that it is indeed possible. By slipping on a pair of sheer tights, she covers up without the bulk of pants and denseness of opaque leggings. For that additional warmth, she pairs them with suede boots and thick knee-high socks, which bring out the cranberry-colored specks in the Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , ,

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