TREND: Tight on Bottom, Loose on Top

Recently, I’ve found myself wondering whether or not I should buy another pair of leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans. This sillouette has been around for years now, and I have to wonder, do I still like it? Am I bored with this trend? After all, I did buy my first pair of skinny jeans as a sophomore in high school, and I haven’t looked back since. I thought trends were short term?

Luckily, my head wasn’t in the clouds for too long before I stumbled upon this Fashionista. It was her silhouette that caught my eye—skinny on bottom, loose on the top. I was in love all over again. No more will I doubt the stylish simplicity of this combination.

Apart from the silhouette, I am particularly intrigued by the pattern on her leggings. I say pattern because it appears to be an exaggerated interpretation of heathered fabric. It works great for fall tucked into a pair of rugged wedge booties. Try adding a tailored jacket for extra warmth. Additionally, this Fashionista looks great without a stitch of makeup. I am also of the mind to try the “natural” look. However, I plan to spice it up with a bold lip color.

Hint: For a similar version of her leggings, try these from American Apparel. And for lips, try Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté—they smell and taste great and have a silky texture.

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