TREND: Get it Right with Tights

For the winter season, one of my favorite accessories to add to an outfit is patterned or colored tights. By keeping your legs nice and toasty, tights enable a Fashionista to convert a summertime piece into a winter staple, and you are no longer limited to wearing only jeans or leggings in the winter. Tights are also incredibly easy to experiment with; they are sold in varying colors, patterns, and textures, and each individual pair can uniquely transform a look from dull to extremely stylish.

This Fashionista's tights instantly intrigued me; they are made of thick, bone-colored wool with maroon polka dots that stop right at her knees. With these tights, she has chosen to sport one of her summertime favorites: a black jersey sundress. By wearing these tights, this Fashionista was able to brush the dust off of her favorite summer piece and transform it into a winter-appropriate look. Especially with her heavy winter coat and winter boots, it's quite obvious that she is comfortable and warm as she walks around campus. Even though her tights are not bright in color, they are bold enough to make her style truly unique.

Hint: Now that the weather is cold, don't be afraid to experiment with tights this season! For a simple going-out look, try sporting black opaque, patterned tights with a colored mini skirt, a comfortable sweater, and heeled booties. Or, for an easy class-appropriate look, try pairing uniquely textured tights with a pair of dressy shorts, an oxford shirt, and a pair of basic flats. Both looks will be eye-catching and crowd-pleasing, and will keep you fashionable and warm in DC's chilly, winter weather.

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