TREND: Tights Time

We can all relate to the sadness of having to retire our favorite summer dresses and jean shorts when the summer turns to a chill, but tights make this transition just a little bit easier. Whether it's knee-highs, black opaque, or intricate designed lace, tights keep you in those dresses just a little bit longer. It may be difficult at times to figure out the best way of integrating tights into your attire, and working with the right dress or skirt.  This Fashionista shows an adorable way of working with the trend. I love how she is wearing black tights with an adorable blue floral tights and gray boots. With colder weather it's always more appropriate to wear darker colors, and I love how she complements the navy dress with black and gray. The chunky silver necklace is also a perfect finale, adding a  bit of sparkle and individuality to her outfit. Although just casually walking around campus, this Fashionista looks trendy and put together.

While this Fashionista rocks her tights simply, but perfectly with the intricacy of the dress, tights offer the ability to add a bit of uniqueness and distinction to an outfit. I've seen countless Fashionista's around campus rocking a simple vintage dress and an oversized sweater with all different kinds of knee-highs and designs. When you're lacking individuality, tights add so much excitement to your favorite black dress!

Hint: If you're new to the tights world, starting with black opaque might be your best bet. Black is a great investment, and works perfectly with almost any color. I adore the concept of wearing black opaque with a pair of high-heeled ankle booties under a pleaded or velvet skirt. Grey wool is also another good asset to have in your closet. For exciting styles and interesting colors, Wolford Hosiery has a wide variety of patterns.

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