TREND: Tights with Shorts

"A case of the Mondays” can get the best of us all, including myself. As I walked to class Monday morning, my mood was down in the dumps, due to the dreary weather – not to mention the snow that covered my front lawn. On a day like this, the weather itself could’ve created “a case of the Mondays” for just about anyone who was seen wandering around campus. Anyone except for this Fashionista, that is.

While the vast majority of students pulled their pants and sweaters back out of their winter wardrobe, this Fashionista chose to instead, pair her spring apparel with something different. By pairing her classic leather jacket, striped shirt and burgundy converse with a pair of simple black tights, this Fashionista got to wear her favorite items from her spring wardrobe, like her distressed denim shorts – even on a day where the weather didn’t necessarily call for springtime attire. Wearing tights with shorts is not only a great way to warm up a springtime outfit on an otherwise winter-like day, but it is also a great way to dress up a casual pair of shorts for a night out with friends. The key to making this look work for nighttime is to make sure that your shorts are a bit looser and to make sure that your top is appropriate. For example, wearing a blouse or a button down with your shorts and tights is a cute and easy way to keep your outfit classy, not trashy, for a night on the town.

Hint: When choosing what pair of shorts to wear with your tights, think “denim for day”, and “darker, or different texture for night." For example, tweed and velvet shorts are a great choice for nighttime. Distressed denim, as previously demonstrated by this Fashionista, works best when worn during the day.

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