TREND: Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves

As classes approach it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start working again – literally. Returning to campus for classes can be dreadful, but going back to reunite with your friends and show off your summer fashion finds can be exciting. I remember the days in middle school when the first day of school approached and my sister and I always stressed on what new outfit to wear. However, going back to D.C. is a bit different than starting school in London. The temperature isn’t in the 50s or 60s, it is still in the 80s and 90s, making it impossible to wear my new favorite pair of pants or boots. However, this Fashionista combined the ever so popular fall trend of the denim shirt with chic white denim shorts to make her outfit compatible for heated temperatures. With just a roll of the sleeves she easily accomplished whipping out a fall shirt long before proper fall weather approached. Her laid back, but trendy look of a button up tucked in with shorts is the perfect way to transition in new clothes. Button up shirts, whether they be blouses or plaids, have been all over the stores this summer and continue to be popular in numerous fall lines. So, roll up those sleeves and throw on a button up over a pair of shorts or a skirt to achieve a more refined look as you head into class.

Hint: The button up can be found in a diverse range of styles, from sexy evening shirts to relaxed ones imitating the military look. Pair this sheer Cheap Monday top with black skinny jeans for a night out or this Topshop shirt with jean shorts for class.

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