TREND: Working with Winter

 Winter fashion, along with year round East Coast style, puts a strong emphasis on dark tones. Shades of gray, black and navy are essentials in the shift to cold weather. This limited color palette sometimes makes it difficult to find exciting outfit options. This Fashionista, however, shows that you can make your look stand out, even in the winter. I love how she chose a warm, oversized camel coat instead of a generic winter jacket. With the addition of a tie around the waist, she has the opportunity to work with a variety of belts to compliment the camel color. The size of the coat is also a great way of looking cute and staying warm at the same time. Her color choice exemplifies unique style, and she's a perfect model of working with interesting tones that are appropriate for the season.My favorite part of the Fashionista's look, though, are the sparkled flats. Matched with a pair of black jeans and a dark gray sweater these adorable flats added a bit of glam to the solid tones of the outfit. This Fashionista shows that bright metallics or sparkles can be just the right touch. I absolutely love how she isn't afraid to work with color in a distinctive way, without going overboard.

Hint: While a little bit of bling to your dark outfit palette is a great way of adding a bit of edge, don't go color crazy! Less is more. Narrow down a couple of pieces that you think would be good complements to your darks and you'll have just enough sparkle to make your look complete.

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