TREND: Top it off with the Perfect Scarf

Somewhere on my list of favorite things (fashion things), among faux fur, animal print, and cocktail rings is the perfect scarf. A Fashionista cannot survive the fall or winter without the perfect scarf. I spotted this Fashionista wearing a zebra print scarf with her outfit. The first thing I noticed about her look was that she mixed the animal print pattern scarf with her graphic black and white print dress. Awesome! She’s wearing her scarf with a denim jacket, tights and boots. The scarf she chose is a thin jersey and can be easily layered, like she did under her denim jacket. Her scarf becomes more like an accessory, a substitute for jewelry.

When you pick out a scarf keep in mind the purpose for which you will wear it. Some are made to be stylish, like the one this Fashionista chose, and others are for warmth. If you want a look like this Fashionista, check out this scarf from Nordstrom. This scarf, by Akyra, incorporates metallics for a little glitz and glam, but if want to stick to the basics check out this one from American Apparel which comes in just about every color. 

Hint: The hard part is not about finding the perfect scarf; it’s about how to wear your scarf. This Fashionista simply looped her zebra print scarf around her neck. You can wear yours the same, but there are so many techniques you can use to find a new look for your scarf. I found a great Web site that is filled with unique scarf tying instruction. 

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