TREND: Touch of Tie-Dye

Yes, it was popular circa 1969 when our parents jammed to the Grateful Dead and made pilgrimages to Woodstock. Yes, it was popular when you where ten and were forced to transform white tops into psychedelic T-shirts by arts n’ crafts instructors at camp. Guess what? Tie-dye is back, but not in the homespun way we are used to.

This Fashionista is right on trend with her sophisticated, yet funky use of tie-dye: instead of choosing a head-to-toe brightly-colored ensemble, she just incorporates a hint of tie-dye into her outfit with a chic scarf. She layers her tie-dye with other current trends, like her black lace top, colored sunglass frames and a purple watch (unfortunately not quite visible in this picture – but it is super cute!). Aside from her accessories, the rest of her outfit is in the same color family, making her look stylish with a quirky twist.

Another way to do get the tie-dye effect in a less obvious way than a DIY T-shirt is by wearing acid-washed jeans. Seven for All Mankind makes a couple hot varieties to choose from:

1. The 7*7*7 Collection Highwaist Skinny in Bad Acid is a sexy way to jazz up a plain T-shirt. Wear with metallic flats during the day or sky-high heeled booties at night.

2. The Skinny in Midnight is a subtle alternative to the Bad Acid, yet is still equally fashion-forward.

Next time you’re feeling groovy, don’t be shy: wear a touch of tie-dye.

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