TREND: Toughen Up

The outdoor festival and concert season is upon us. But when it comes to event style selection, we often expect uniform edginess in concert and bohemia at festivals. Think: ripped denim, pyramid studs and vintage T-shirts vs. hippie chic florals and crochets. I spotted this Fashionista at Coor for summer classes. Her outfit encompasses a harmonious blend of both concert and festival. Hard and soft. Masculine and feminine. Glamorous yet effortless. She toughens up her billowy bohemian blouse and glam bib necklace with leather motorcycle ankle boots and masculine vest. At outdoor venues, comfort and practicality are essential when temperatures and terrain are uncertain. For this, she has layered tanks beneath her blouse, worn comfortable boots equipped for hours of dancing, and opted for an oversized beach bag capable of carrying concert essentials.

Hint: Here's another eclectic mix. NecklaceDressBoots

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