TREND: Transforming a Tunic

As I wandered around campus between classes today, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful green grass coated with a thick pile of vivd yellow leaves and gorgeous orange and red trees towering over me. That's when I noticed this charming Fashionista sitting on a stone bench enjoying the sunshine. Her ensemble completely reflects the aura of the day and immediately caught my attention. Not only is the silhouette fabulous, but the colors, patterns, and fabrics she chose are perfectly appropriate as well. She flaunts seasonal shades of green and brown decorated with white floral silhouettes. The tunic is fresh and silky, which gives a glossy sheen to this autumnal attire. She cinches the tunic at the waist with a thick brown leather belt which adds shape and texture to her outfit. Given the slight afternoon breeze, she opted to sport a pair of navy leggings under the tunic. I love that she chose navy, which is much softer then the stark contrast black would have offered. The leggings also hit perfectly above the ankle which is quite flattering. Finally, working down to the feet, she rocks a pair of tan flats complete with ruffled detail and subtle embroidery–a darling feminine touch. I was primarily captivated by this Fashionistas bold, bright, and beautiful tunic. It is such a versatile piece that can be warn to class or work, dinner or dancing, and through each of the seasons depending on how you accessorize it!

For a night out she could cinch the waist with a thin black belt and don tall suede black boots. For the winter season she could add a splash of red to give the tunic some Christmas spirit. The look could go into spring and summer just as easily with a thin belt and a pair of woven wedges.

The tunic is one great, transformable piece can take you through each season and each time of day if you rock it right. What makes this tunic so great is the loose fit which allows for the creation of various silhouettes.

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