TREND: Trapeze Artist

Time travel: Back to my winter formal, senior year of high school. I found the perfect dress, a white, leopard-print trapeze dress with a huge bow on the front. It was beautiful and I couldn't wait to show it off. However, I had no idea how or what to wear it with. So, sadly, I chose tights; footless, lace-trimmed tights. Awful. I topped it off with snakeskin, yes snakeskin flats with yellow trim and huge yellow bracelets and earrings. It was a complete fashion disaster.

That dress is still in my closet, haunting me.

Which brings me to the topic of trapeze dresses. I think it's finally time to heal and learn how to properly wear my beautiful dress. I've decided to start by taking tips from this Fashionista and her wonderful styling. Note: bare legs. That's the first place I went wrong. Second: booties. They are just the right height for this look. Next up: the jacket. It helps to give the dress a shape while drawing attention to the beautiful collar. Lastly: accessories. The necklace is simple yet bold on this delicate outfit and the color of the suede fringe bag complements the color of the dress beautifully.

The truth is, a trapeze dress is a great piece to own. They look great on practically every shape and size and can be worn for many different occasions. As long as you style it correctly, you're sure to be a hit.

Hint: A trapeze dress can quickly be turned into a babydoll dress with the addition of a belt. Use this picture of me circa 2008 in my aforementioned leopard trapeze dress as an example. While I may not have had the styling down, I still knew how to transform the dress to suit my body type. But don't be afraid to wear it flowy either, because while you may feel a bit breezy, you'll look amazing. Need more advice when it comes to styling your trapeze? Check out these polyvore sets for some great inspiration!

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