TREND: Travel in Style

We made it to the end of the semester! A well-deserved winter break is among us. Many Fashionista/o Sun Devils will make their way back home to enjoy the holiday season. Some will travel across the country, others a few miles from their campus dorm. Regardless of how we’ll travel this season, bus, airplane, or vehicle, traveling far or near is always an excuse to dress comfortably.

As the last day of final exams drew near, many Fashionista/os were spotted with luggage in hand, kissing ASU goodbye. The trending outfits in these travelers were minimal looks with classic pieces such as scarves, light sweaters, boots and ballerina flats. An example of the trending look is the one worn by this Fashionista. Comfort and style go hand-in-hand in this Fashionista’s outfit. With light layers she’s dressed for outside and indoor weather- her scarf and sweater can easily be removed. Leggings and flats are excellent defaults for any choice of top. Flat slip-ons will make traveling a breeze. Dressing minimal overall is the way to go.

As we’ve been warned, traveling this season can be hectic with unusually busy terminals and roads, but that doesn’t mean our outfits should suffer. Traveling is also an opportunity to put our best looks forward. Show off the outfits you’ve wanted to wear all year long. Seeing our distant loved ones is another reason we’ll want to look our best this holiday season.

Hint: To pull of a similar minimal look, try pairing a lightweight stripped, dotted, or solid sweater with a pair of basic skinny jeans. While over accessorizing isn’t a good idea for traveling attire, one bold accessory will do the trick. Try large studded earrings such as these turquoise studs from Zoo Jewelry. A brightly colored scarf around your neck will also work wonders to your minimal outfit. Check out this sequin scarf from Forever 21. Remember, minimal doesn't have to mean boring. Happy traveling Fashionista/os!

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