TREND: Trick or Treat?

Oh Halloween, how we’ve missed you. When I think about this holiday, I think about great finds. I think unexpected hidden treasures that you are just itching to show off. A Halloween costume that says, “Yup, you wish you thought of this.”

This particular morning was especially spooky. I woke up to find my innocent Indiana abode enslaved in a cloud of milky white fog. Just looking at the scene made me shiver and I knew that today warmth would be the survival theme of my outfit. On my much-dreaded walk to class, I spotted a Fashionista with a similar mindset. I noticed her layers first, but I was ecstatic about the pockets. I’m not talking about pants pockets, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m talking about the ‘trying on a run-of-the-mill button-down in Forever21 that you absolutely don’t need, and then (thank god for this) you accidentally slide your hands down the sides of the garment to find they disappear into the shirt’ type of pockets. You just went from 'don’t need' to 'not leaving without it'. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, compare it to stumbling across the perfect Halloween costume. Operation: making people jealous.

This Fashionista rocks a navy oversized button-down with hidden pockets. The pockets add a tomboy look that gives off confidence and also keeps her outfit sensible for the weather. Too many times have we found ourselves just wishing for that little extra warmth for our hands on our daily walk to class or work. Easy access to pockets is a must-have for any wardrobe. For a flirty and majestic look, I love this vest from Free People. You can also try a tunic to layer under any outerwear of your choice. You don’t have to stop at just one item boasting pockets. A boyfriend cardigan is a great addition.

Her layers are bomb. Her cardigan flows over her bum, keeping her warm and also perfectly lines the shirt, allowing the collar to pop out and give her extra flare. We love the tall boots of course—a perfect answer to 30’s in the morning turned into a weatherman-predicted 65 degrees. The bright red hue of her bag gives pop to an onlooker’s eye and allows her to compliment the sea of leaves surrounding the Bloomington landscape.

So, pockets: trick or treat? I vote both.

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