TREND: True Colors

The eighties—an era of fashion that has infiltrated the closets of many of it’s proceeding periods. Known for its vibrancies, exaggerated shoulders, and big hair; it was the party that didn’t stop. Having been born in 1989, I didn’t get to experience the fashion as it developed—but now that it has made yet another come back, how fun is it to dig up clothing our parents wore during that time and hit the streets?

Many of our favorite designers of today have re-invented the trends of the eighties, and have made them accessible to the public once again. Designers such as Marc Jacobs gave us a reason to turn up the lights with his neon-bright collection in the a/w of 2009 and the house of Balmain recently brought back the shoulder pad craze.

This Fashionista has taken inspiration from the likes of Rihanna, and the hit '80s television show Dynasty with this marvelously put together look. Her neon-purple, shoulder padded, over-sized blazer is to die for. It ties in well with her purple lace stockings that have a really cool print to them and killer lace up boots. And her light-washed, short cut denim…so eighties!

I got to give it to this Fashionista, she totally represented for a decade she probably was not even born in. I’d completely advise the rest of Fashionista/Fashionistos to be influenced by past style periods with their clothing. It is a great way to stand out during modern times. Especially if you can make it look good!

Just in case you need some help looking distinctively eighties with your look, here is mini dress from ASOS, and a killer pair of pumps also that will give you a modern eighties flare for a night on the town.

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