TREND: Truly Scrumptious

It is surprising just how many people take off their winter coats to reveal a lovely dress sense underneath! Walking through Fallowfield just got a lot more interesting with the warmer temperatures. One of the local pubs brings us this Fashionista, who has combined English heritage beachwear with a rocker feel for a look that celebrates summer, while steering clear of too girly elements.

For those despairing over summer clothes, this look is a good example of how not to play it too girly. Layering a floaty, cream top over simple black leggings brings the attention to the top half of her body and gives her a chance to wear it without overdoing it. This is an easy way to wear the abundance of feminine statement tops that have been gracing high street shelves this past month. For those wishing to try out this look, here is a lovely embellished Topshop number. 

This lovely Fashionista has toughened up her look a little by adding a simple leather jacket. Leather jackets are brilliant for spring fashion as they warm without being too overbearing and can be worn over little summer dresses to make an old look more modern. Here is a cheap and cheerful one from New Look for those who wish to copy. 

It is this Fashionista’s accessories, however that make the outfit stand out. Accessories seem to have become somewhat of a running theme in recent weeks. Summer fashion is so much easier to accessorise because it is so much simpler. With no need for a coat in this weather, statement jewellery, hats and sunglasses  adorn outfits and pretty up a look that is otherwise dull. For example, this Fashionista’s hat makes the outfit what it is. It marries well with her girly top and is a quirky way to finish off the look. Straw hats come out to play every year and there is no better time to get one than in spring. For a burst of instant optimism, here is one to suit most everybody from Zara. However, for a more individual and kooky look, try charity shops for perhaps larger rims and embellishments.

Take a note from this Fashionista who blends the old and the new for a timeless look perfect for spring!

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