TREND: Try a Little Tribal Print

“Florals for spring?…Groundbreaking.” As ever-so-famously stated by Miranda Priestly in one of my favorite fashion-related films of all time, florals may in fact be the farthest thing from “fresh” this spring. Despite the season, there is no need to get carried away in floral print. Forget your florals and have a little more imagination by trying on some tribal print.

Tribal print is a great way to incorporate fun patterns and colors into your spring wardrobe. This Fashionista’s ethnic print blouse is perfectly incorporated amongst her ensemble. She uniquely pairs her tribal print top with an olive green military jacket, a camel colored messenger bag, black leggings, and dark brown boots. While the colors incorporated throughout her look may be seemingly unconventional, this Fashionista’s senses were spot-on. The key to making her use of multiple colors “work” lies within the print itself. By perfectly playing off of the wide array of colors that are incorporated within the top’s rich print and adding pieces to her look that follow the color palette, this Fashionita makes her use of multiple colors “work”. As you can see, tribal print is a great choice for those who love a lavish amount of color. However, it is also a great choice for those who lend much less of their look to such colorful components. That’s the great thing about this trend—it lends the individual so much room to be inventive. Tribal print can be paired with so many things, including both basic items, and additional prints. It can be added to your look as an accessory, or, it can be the primary component of your look. The best part about it though…is that it’s up to you! So, this spring, march to the beat of your own drum—by taking a little tribal print and making it your own.

Hint: Tribal print isn’t the only way to add an ethnic component to your look. This tribal theme can also be tied into your outfit in smaller ways, for instance, by adding a statement necklace or an African-inspired safari bracelet.

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