TREND: Try the Turban

As a huge portion of the country is being hit by a massive snowstorm, D.C. managed to only get warned of low temperatures and freezing rain. As the sky darkened throughout the day and the temperature dropped dramatically, students bundled up to keep warm. Amongst a sea of UGGs and down jackets, this Fashionista stood out with her streamline knee-length peacoat, lace up suede wedge booties and my favorite – her turban. With a pop of color and a variation from the norm of a hat or earmuffs, it is the defining piece of her outerwear. Though when she goes inside and removes her turban, jacket and possibly her scarf as well, her outfit will be completely transformed. However, her choice in outerwear is an outfit in itself. Her outfit as a whole optimizes this season’s emphasis on minimalism, with clean-cut lines and simple yet trendy pieces. Her turban finishes it off perfectly with a touch of color. Not many students can be spotted around campus wearing turbans and as a huge fan of them, she immediately caught my eye. Turbans can be worn in a variety of ways – for warmth, as this Fashionista choose to, or as an accessory meant to be kept on, in warmer weather that is. One of my favorite fashion blogs, “The Man Repeller,” did a post on D.I.Y. turbans showing you step-by-step how to create a turban from a square scarf. So experiment and grab a square scarf to try it for yourself!

Hint: If you don’t have a silk square scarf, spice things up with this colorful Missoni one which can be used in a variety of ways aside from a turban! Or to accomplish what this Fashionista was going for – the warmth of a knit turban without having to sacrifice her hair to a hat- try this knit turban from ASOS.

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