TREND: Try Tie Dye

For many of us Fashionistas and Fashionistos, spring is a time for new beginnings. That is why so many of us participate in spring cleaning. In essence, it is the time of year that we tuck away all of the clothing that reminds us of the bitter winter we just endured and rejuvenate our closets for the lighter airier weather which is soon to come. In that process we re-evaluate old trends, and throw away things that are simply out of style.

However, there are certain trends that can never get old, and this Fashionista is a reminder that tie-dye clothing is here to stay. Yes, it is a look that came out when our parents were young and life was simply groovy, but it is also a look that blends together many patterns, fabrics, and colors resulting in unforgettable combinations. In fact, this Fashionista demonstrates how tie-dye has been made modern by incorporating it onto her flowy cardigan-style vest. Vests like these are a huge part of this spring’s fashion. They are easy to wear, lightweight, and they make a statement. This flowy vest is particularly unique because of the tie-dye swirls of navy, black, and white.

This Fashionista also went on to incorporate these colors throughout the remainder of her outfit pulling it all together with a black V-neck T-shirt, blue jeans, and Sperrys. Sperrys are some of the most comfortable shoes to wear this season, and their neutrality allows them to be paired with anything. For the sake of being comfortable while walking to class, I recommend everyone get a pair.

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