TREND: Tweed, Please!

Blending colors and fabrics can be tricky, even for the most stylish Fashionista. Recently, I have been trying to blend my outfits just to change up my routine of wearing things that "match." Some things I tried worked, while others needed improvement. The key to a perfect marriage between seemingly clashing items in your wardrobe is confidence and a keen eye. For most, it takes a while to develop a keen eye, but everyone can easily build the confidence to try something new with their outfit! This fall, muted color palettes have been appearing all over campus. Rather than retreating to boring blacks and browns during the winter months to come, NYU students have found a way to keep the color in their clothes.

Tweed clothing is commonly mistaken for being an "old lady" fabric, but it can be spiced up to fit the wardrobe of a young and hip college student. There are many varieties of tweed jackets and bottoms to choose from. You just have to search for the styles that are perfect for your personality. This Fashionista has chosen to pair a forest green tweed blazer with a muted pink rose tweed skirt. On a chilly day, this coupling is not only a unique fashion statement but it's warm! Other than the fact that this classic outfit is warm, another important aspect to successfully pulling off such a muted color palette is adding an additional color. Our Fashionista's bright red flats keep her outfit looking youthful without going over-the-top. You may choose to wear a different color scarf or tights rather than shoes but whichever you choose remember to strut your stuff. The small pop of color in an otherwise low key scheme will help show your unique personality. 

Hint: Bursts of color can also be incorporated in your hair accessories! Headbands such as this one from Forever 21 are essential to any girl's hair accessory collection. When you have to wear a headband on that unexpected bad hair day, why not make it pretty? They go with your outfit while also taming those fly away strands.

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