TREND: Two-Toned Toes

It is no secret that I tend to view fashion through a historical viewpoint. The ever-changing role that the two-toned shoe has played a role throughout fashion history fascinates me. From Victorian boots to retro saddle shoes to Chanel's heels, this trend has continued to resurface in various ways. The best part about fashion now is that just about all of these kinds of two-toned shoes are in style and better yet, they are available all over the place! I am absolutely in love with this look. 

This Fashionista shows off a fabulous pair of brown and black riding boots. I've mentioned the black and brown trend before and it works oh-so-well when it comes to two-toned shoes. She pairs a dark shirt, gray skirt and a stringy scarf with her boots. You can find similar black boots with a contrasting dark brown band at the top here. I also like these white and light brown ones. The great thing about two-toned boots is that they can be paired with almost any style outfit, so have fun! 

Don't forget about the many other kinds of two-toned shoes out there right now. The oxford trend has taken off but these shoes can also be found in a spectator-style similar to saddle shoes for both men and women. I've seen spin-offs of these shoes in the form of ballet flatsbooties, and heels as well, which might each evoke a different time period. 

So, Fashionistas, if you can't make up your mind about which neutral color to buy a shoe in, knock out two in one shoe! Pick out a pair of two-toned boots, oxfords, flats, heels, or booties and find how easy it is to match them to an array of different looks. 

Hint: Let your shoes speak for you. Don't be over-the-top with the rest of your look, otherwise your great toe-toned toes may go unnoticed!

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