TREND: Under Cover at Boston University

I doubt that I am the only person who has been caught off guard by the sudden appearance of rain on campus. While walking down Comm Ave. lately, I have noticed the following observations: students frequently walk in the rain unsheltered because their umbrella has been blown inside-out by the strong winds – a Fashionista’s outfit always stands out when accessorized with a chic umbrella, and running down the street while getting soaked is not chic.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I saw it as my chance to discover the importance of practical and fashionable rain gear. Her clear bubble umbrella is a favorite among BU students because of its practicality and sturdiness. It does not distract from her knit cardigan and floral top, but adds to its airiness. Our Fashionista proves that a good umbrella is just as successful at keeping an ensemble dry, as it is fashionable.

Umbrellas can be found in every color and style imaginable. A few of my personal favorites include Urban Outfitter’s version of the bubble umbrella that has a thick line of color at the bottom or Target’s version that has a silver ombre effect. A floral or butterfly umbrella will add spring freshness to a fall or winter outfit, while a black one with a blue sky is a fun way to brighten a gloomy day. Or try an animal print or retro-inspired umbrella for some serious personality. Any of these umbrellas will turn a potential fashion disaster into a trendy fashion statement. 

Hint: Another chic way to beat the rain is through a trendy clear raincoat or a fashionable pair of rain boots. They will guarantee that any ensemble is safe from the rain.

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