TREND: Unforgettable in Floral

April is on the horizon, and so are all of the storms. In fact, this past week has only been a preview of the downpours to come. Luckily, the rainy season allows all of the Fashionistas and Fashionistos around campus to wear a few of my favorite things: umbrellas, boots and unforgettable jackets.

This Fashionista reminds all of us why the rain is worthwhile by wearing a beautiful navy blue floral patterned rain jacket. It isn’t often you see florals on such a large canvas like a jacket, but this Fashionista made the look work. In fact, in the few seconds I stopped to snap pictures of her, three people told her how much they loved her jacket.

I like this jacket not only because of the pattern but because of the material as well. The lightweight nylon material is perfect for the spring season. After all, it serves merely as a protective layer between you and the tears dripping down from the sky. In addition, with rain comes mud, and this jacket is very easy to clean off. I recommend purchasing a jacket similar to this from Shopstyle.

This jacket can also be paired with rain boots as well. By pairing it with bright green or pink rain boots, the colors throughout this rain jacket would pop. These boots would also prevent this Fashionista from getting her UGG boots dirty. I recommend getting some rain boots from Zappos. In fact, I suggest everyone goes out and gets some proper rain attire. This way we can better weather the storm. After all, April showers are almost here!

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