TREND: Urban Chic Meets D.C. Prep

As I was strolling around campus with some friends on a sunny day, I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionisto who stuck out amongst other guys. His overall look was relaxed, yet also very put together in a unique way, which is a combination that is rare for guys here. When it comes to boys at GW there are various groups – the ones who wear sweatpants and sweatshirts 24/7, the full on ‘frat stars’ sporting their wayfarers and colored pants, the international students with their Gucci laptop cases, and many others. This Fashionisto decided to pair his simple plaid shirt with a blazer, instead of a generic zip-up hoodie. With its rolled up cuffs and double pockets, this particular blazer adds a more sophisticated look without being too formal . Also, take note from today’s Fashionisto and actually try tucking in a plaid shirt – trust me, it can completely transform a look and make it that much better. However, what really makes this Fashionisto differ from the rest are his accessories. From the shoes, to the belt, bag and sunglasses – they all definitely make the outfit. First, I love seeing guys wearing shoes other than sneakers or, more widely seen around GW, boat shoes Therefore, his chukka shoes are a nice deviation from the norm. As for his bag, well, let’s just say it’s not just another backpack. Messenger bags serve the same function as a backpack yet don’t look half as bad. As for his sunglasses, the tortoise color complements the other variations of brown throughout his outfit and their unique round shape gives him an overall urban chic appearance.

Hint: Boys, seriously, try swapping your boat shoes for a pair of these chukka shoes for a day to completely transform your look. In addition, check out the array of messenger bags at J. Crew which are not only trendy but will also probably last you for years.

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