TREND: Urban Cool

The gentlemen of Penn State University rarely grasp the importance of style. However there are a select few that encompass just that–style. Many of the male students seek wardrobe inspiration through what is clean or clean enough (call me guilty). Yet, if the likes of Kanye West, and Kid Cudi inspire your daily wardrobe you are taking part in the fashion subcategory known as “Street Wear”.

Students who partake in this style wear cool sneakers such as Supras versus Givenchy boots and use the iPhone instead of the Blackberry. Okay, maybe I’m reaching with that last statement but they are the total opposite of what I enjoy in the high-end fashion world cultural wise, but just as cool.

The street wear revolution is represented perfectly with this Fashionisto. He mixes and matches prints, and solids; as well as vintage with modern all effectively. Who knew you could rock a vintage Beatles (yes, the music group) jacket, with some high top Jordan sneakers and make it look good?!

Unfortunately, I have to commit social suicide and use the term “swag” to define his persona, but it is definitely worth it in this case. Sort of like Austin Power’s “mojo” without “swag," his look would be an epic fail. This is what makes the street wear culture pop in my eyes. They send off great style vibes, while illuminating a great personality. Not as stern as Anna Wintour in Chanel, but as cool as Pharrell Williams in Billionaire Boys Club.

So ,to my male Penn State students who want to look as cool as this Fashionisto, try rockin’ this Miska jacket , French Connection shirt , Men21 cords, with a pair of smokin' hot Android Homme sneakers and you're all set!

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