TREND: Urban Velo

This Fashionisto certainly caught my attention as he raced past me on his bicycle. Initially, it was his loud red-orange shorts that drew me to his stylish ensemble. After I took a closer look, however, I saw how he epitomized the laid-back, yet thrillignly urban lifestyle of Savannah.

Now with summertime in full bloom, there is ample opportunity to showcase bright colors like this. Adding an unexpected splash of color can be an effective way to make an outfit pop. This week’s Fashionisto perfects the touch of color, using it to highlight his outfit. Similarly, accenting any piece in a vivid color with shoes, tops, or even handbags, can achieve the same effect.

To balance his look, this Fashionisto smartly opted for a neutral tank. Too many bold colors can overwhelm an outfit, causing it to look more chaotic than trendy. A muted tone may be just the extra touch needed to push this look successfully.

Nonetheless, a dull color can also be the ideal opportunity to play with patterns. This Fashionisto rocks a tribal print, another trend common this season, in his cream-colored tank top. The tank top cleverly ties his outfit together as a hint of the red-orange color present in the shorts also appears in the pattern of his top.

For a daring outfit that is sure to grab attention, give this trend a try. It can take just one piece to completely transform your look from boring to striking. Go, grab the brightest thing you can find!

Hint: Any highly saturated piece can function as the accent accessory; the more neutral the other pieces in your outfit, the more this piece will pop. 

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