TREND: Ventilation in the Summer

I have few complaints about the summer time but if someone were to ask what I would change, it would be when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees. Past that point, the air is thick and sticky, thin hair goes limp and thick hair gets frizzy, and makeup melts off your face. There are not many outfits that provide relief from the torturous heat, which makes it difficult for even the most dedicated Fashionista to stay chic. If one wore a tank top then the burning rays of sun would directly hit the exposed skin. If one wore long sleeves  it would only trap in more heat. This emerging trend of crochet and cutouts we have been seeing this summer remains to be the perfect compromise for what to wear on a hot day in the city.

This New York native Fashionista was on her way to a summer class at NYU when I noticed her trendy sweater. She had remarked that in class, her top priority is to be comfortable as possible while still looking chic, of course. Although it was warm outside, the building where her statistics class is located has very strong air conditioning, which leads to quite the fashion conundrum, Her sweater, which was purchased at LF, suited her need for comfort with it’s loose shape that falls off to one shoulder but also her need to transition from the hot to cold weather with the cut out holes of her top that let the otherwise thick fabric breathe. What I like best about this Fashionista’s top is its neutral color, which happen to pull hues from her sun-kissed curly blonde hair and lightly tanned skin. She complemented her sweater with a pair of navy blue cropped corduroy shorts from American Apparel, with a pair of darling bow-tie detailed blue Chloé flats to match. Lastly, her leather Kate Spade bag is the perfect accessory for the trendy student on the go. Its creamy white tone is a color that can only be pulled off in summer, and it is big enough to fit all the essentials for class time.

Hint: For those who feel that the cut-out look is a bit too exposed, these types of shirts still look cute with either a sports bra or a tank-top underneath. For cute crocheted sweaters with cut-outs, designers such as Inhabit and Helmut Lang make great knits that are very light weight, which are perfect to wear even in the midst of the hot heat of summer.

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