TREND: Vintage- The Gift that Keeps Giving

I have a true penchant for vintage clothes; they have this lived-in feeling, an attitude that take years to instill in brand new pieces. The best part about wearing vintage clothing is the pursuit of them, though. The thrill of the chase leads to the ultimate satisfaction when you find something perfect. I always make a mental list of what I want, because as I always say, if you visualize success, you will obtain it.

I met this Fashionista in the East Village, my favorite spot for vintage shopping. I admired her fresh summer look right away, perhaps because she too shared a love for vintage clothing. Her white maxi skirt looked sharp against her lightly tanned skin. In the summer, when most people wish to wear nothing at all, maxi skirts are a great alternative because they give the illusion of being bare while still keeping everything covered. The white maxi skirt is offset by the fabulous floral print of this Fashionista’s top. The top has the perfect amount of flounce, which puckers out perfectly from the band of the skirt, giving the Fashionista a fabulous little waist. To accessorize, this Fashionista wore a long gold pendant, a refreshing change from the chunky choker necklaces we have been seeing a lot recently. The gold pendant matches the gold chain of her quilted satchel, an iconic purse for the chic city girl on the go. She is also wearing the new Ray-Ban rounded wayfarers, an item that’s been on my summer must-have list. The shape is extremely lady-like, and is a great alternative to the classic wayfarer sunglass shape.

Hint: For great vintage shopping in New York City, I recommend Buffalo Exchange on 332 E. 3rd avenue, a great store if you’re looking for flirty tops and dresses — it’s like shopping in your best friends closet. When you’re feeling edgy, I recommend Metropolis on 43 E. 3rd avenue, it has a great selection of studded leather boots and jackets, as well as great worn-in t-shirts. Lastly, No Relation on 204 E. 1st avenue is the perfect place for button downs and tees, the accessories can be hit or miss though — but that just adds to the fun! For the hardcore vintage shoppers, I suggest checking out the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market which is open every weekend. 

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