TREND: Visit Emerald City

If you’ve been tuning in to the fashion network, then you’ve probably heard by now that green is this season’s black. Ever since Chanel debuted its new Jade nail color on the Paris runway, green has taken the fashion world by storm. Green is a tricky color to pull off if you don’t go with just the right shade, but once you find it, a splash of green can be the greatest asset to a humdrum wardrobe.

I caught this Fashionisto prowling the racks at H&M and I couldn’t have been more jealous of his outstanding fashion sense. Wearing a bright green jacket over a blue and white striped shirt, with a peacock blue scarf for extra flair, this Fashionisto OOZED style. His black cowboy boots and gold belt buckle tied the outfit together so naturally, he could have stepped straight off the runway. He struck me as Boston’s own Chuck Bass.

There are so few Fashionistos with innate fashion sense, which is why I had to highlight this Fashionisto’s style. It is very reminiscent of the current trend among male celebrities of moving more towards tailored suits, vests and ties and away from ‘excessive bling’. Most notable in this trend are celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West and newcomer Drake.

Fashionisto’s can take some tips from The Style Advisor on how to emulate the elegant style of debonair gentlemen and impress any classy lady by sporting one of these colorful bow-ties.I personally think a dapper gentleman is FAR more appealing than a grungy guy. Fashionistos everywhere would do well to channel this Fashionisto’s emerald presence.

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