TREND: Viva La Vintage

Whenever I stumble upon a sweater or a dress in a vintage shop that suits my sense of style, I have to buy it. I immediately become inspired to contrive the perfect outfit that accentuates my new piece. But what if I didn’t have to go rummaging through the racks of my favorite thrift stores to find those retro pieces I so adore? What if my grandmother saved her stylish sweaters, her voguish vests and her statement jewelry to give to me as gifts? If only we could all be so lucky…like this Fashionista.

Her cream, bead-embellished sweater was given to her by her grandmother. This trend is enduring; from vintage sweater to bedazzled blouse, bead embroidery is eternally eye-catching. This Fashionista pairs her sweater with a simple black skirt and black shearling booties, and creates color contrast between the two by adding brown tights. While many of us would settle for our jaded jet-black pair, brown tights were the clever choice for this Fashionista—not only do they provide a subtle, yet necessary contrast, they enhance her look by bringing out the shade of her hair and the tortoise colored bangle she wears around her left wrist. She layers two silver bracelets on her other wrist, and wears multiple rings to achieve funky vintage flair. With her accessories, her tights, and her boots, this Fashionista totally rocks the embellished sweater trend, as I’m sure her grandma did too.

Hint: Since not all of us have “Granny” Fashionistas with stylish wardrobes, it’s always fun to browse through thrift stores in New York. But for those of you who aren’t so close to the city, many of my favorite online sites have recently added vintage sections to their pages! Check out the selection on Urban Outfitters, Lulu’s, and Free People.

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