TREND: Wake Up With Neon

In the dreary basement of the sewing lab, this Fashionista stands out in her delightful neon yellow cardigan sweater. She wears a vintage Chanel sweater (from a thrift shop!) with hot pink trim, a white V-neck T-shirt, dark skinny jeans, and tall black leather boots with buckle details on the sides. This sweater is a young, fresh twist on an old classic and has cheery hot pink decorative buttons on the sleeves. The rest of the look is simple and subdued to let the neon yellow stand out.

There is nothing more fun than wearing bright neon colors in the dead of winter to awaken your tired mood, and pop against the snowy white landscape. With neon colors, a little goes a long way. So, avoid a head-to-toe look (unless you want to look like a Glo-stick, or an 80s teenager). Pair neons with a neutral color. Black works best, but you can also wear camel, chocolate, brown, or gray. Opaque neon tights look great underneath a pea coat or a black dresss. Also, consider neon shoes! The punch of color will make you feel daring, and it's so fun you'll probly be dancing down the hallways. Sky high heels are a perfect addition to any going out look. Neon nail polish, as worn by this Fashionista, is a nice way to experiment with the color if you want to take small steps. Play around and try crazy colors from coral to bright orange to neon yellow (like Rihanna does). The final touch is a neon backpack. Whether checkerboard or a solid color, a bright backpack stands out in the swarm of black bags and makes school a bit more fun. So try neon in your look, and get your energy back!

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