TREND: Warm Beats

Music is a big part of our lives. It is everywhere. We cannot escape it. Ever since the introduction of the iPod, you cannot go anywhere without seeing someone with those iconic white earbuds (connected to a working iPod or not). People use music to escape the everyday noises. They want to take their favorite music with them and make their own soundtrack for their lives. They want to shut everyone off and just enjoy the sounds.

Nowadays though, you need not use those white earbuds to enjoy the music. When you walk down the street or just walk along the hallways of your school, you can see people listening to music using various types and colors of earbuds or better yet, headphones. Headphones now come in different colors, styles and sizes and they are becoming more of a fashion statement than a functioning piece. Even some of the big names in fashion and music like Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga are getting on the bandwagon. They not only deliver your music but they also keep you warm in winter for they double as earmuffs too! Talk about a multipurpose accessory.

Our Fashionista is keeping herself warm and tuned in to her music by wearing a bright green headphones by AKG Quincy Jones. The bright color keeps it fun and interesting while the noise canceling technology keeps the unwanted noise away. Considering we're in New York, that's just a win-win situation. 

You can wear headpones anytime if you like. You don't have to wear them only in winter just to keep your ears warm. Remember, headphones and earbuds aren't just cute and fun. They really are suppose to give you the best quality sound. You can opt to wear earbuds at the beach during summer as you sunbathe. You can wear them during spring as you lie down and have picnics at the park. Not to mention, they're good for fall, too. What's not to love? So music lovers and fashion lovers alike, rejoice. You can now enjoy music while looking fresh! 

And they said you couldn't have your cake and eat it too….

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