TREND: Watch Out for Oversized

When Fashionistas are on the shopping prowl, accessories are often overlooked. Yet, even being so relatively small, they hold their significance in their ability to make or break an outfit. For this reason, they deserve some attention.

That’s where this Fashionista comes in. From the brown suede moccasins to the braided leather belt to the gold cuff, she shows off impeccable taste in accessories. To transition her sheer pastel blouse to autumn, she contrasts its lightness with the denseness of her thick cuff and adds a little harshness to her otherwise delicate outfit. Not only working against her top, this addition combines with the soft leather of her other accessories makes for an interesting mix of nature and hardware.

However, my absolute favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her watch, which is actually an antique from her Grandfather. The vintage feel complements her ensemble perfectly, and the personal connection behind the accessory makes it that much more fitting. Although you may not find one with the same sentiment to it, an oversized watch adds a chic touch to any outfit. Look to Urban Outfitters for some well-priced finds (how fitting is this Grandpa’s watch?).

Hint: If you are obsessed with oversized watches, try a double wrap watch. I love this neutral-colored one, as it adds a both classic and trendy touch.

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