TREND: Watch the White

Don’t be late for an important date this Labor Day. Whether or not you are heading to the beach or a barbeque, it doesn’t hurt to be on time. Even if you are planning on being fashionably late, it’s helpful to know the time so that you don’t become incredibly late. That would just be a fashion faux pas. While we turn to our phones for everything from phone numbers to directions to Facebook, give them a break when it comes to time. Watches are the perfect accessory and practical, too. Choose from ceramic or leather to a bracelet or oversized –  there is a timepiece out there for every personality. This Fashionista wears a white Michael Kors watch with a cute, blue-and-white striped racer back dress. Perfect for summertime, the low maintenance dress pairs well with her white watch. The question is: can you wear white after Labor Day? Debatable. Some say to defy the fashion rule, and some don’t know why it is a rule. Rationally speaking, why should you put away perfectly good white items at the beginning of September? White is a great neutral and it should not be neglected. While that may not be the fashionably correct answer, it is an answer. So wear your whites out and about this Labor Day and the days following, especially your white accessories. White watches have been a great trend this summer, and there is no reason to put them in the drawer this fall. There will always be a time and place for a wonderful white watch.

Hint: For the perfect white watch, take a cue from this Fashionista and look at the Michael Kors watches. His watches are amazing and he has such a great selection. The majority of the watches are oversized, so if you are looking to invest in one of his watches you should definitely go try them on. The watches vary in accent colors from gold to silver and even rose gold. What’s not to love? If Kors is not your cup of tea, take a look at the Marc Jacobs timepieces. You are sure to find one between the two designers. Take your time.

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