TREND: We Love Short Shorts

One of my favorite things about summer, besides the sun and beautiful weather, is the clothes! When the weather is really nice and you can leave your apartment without a sweater or ton of layers…that is the outfit I’m talking about!

This post is all about shorts! Long shorts, short shorts, denim, chambray, colored, vintage, modern, whatever your shorts preference, pull those babies out because they are hot for summer! This week’s Fashionista rocked some mini black short shorts with a statement top from Urban Outfitters and black leather sandals. When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shorts, there are a few things that should be on your checklist:

1. Look for something flattering! I’m not saying your should hit the gym every day or only snack on celery, but make sure that your favorite shorts aren’t too short or too tight. You should still be able to breath and more importantly sit down comfortably! These BDG High-Waisted Shorts are some of my favorites! Comfy and flattering, you can definitely wear them into fall too!

2. Keep it basic! I love a great pair of printed shorts, however you also want to make sure that you have a few basic pairs that can be worn more frequently! This Fashionista’s black shorts are definitely an edgy staple for every wardrobe, but make sure you incorporate some classic white shorts like these linen deck shorts, and these clipboard shorts too!

3. Find a few knockout pairs, but don’t break the bank! Every Fashionista wants to stand out, but don’t spending millions doing so! There are tons of shorts out there, some at amazing prices, so really look around when looking for something to stand out! These Geometric Woven Shorts are a great option at a great price, or you can also try these Sparkle and Fade Paperbag Shorts for a more sophisticated look yet attention grabbing at the same time!

Don’t be shy this summer, rock the short shorts!

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