TREND: Weathering it in White and Wellies

As soon a gray cloud is spotted someone around campus throws on a pair of wellies, even if it doesn’t end up raining. Wellies are a staple here at GW and the usual apparel that accompanies them are leggings and a loose shirt on top. Coming from London, a city famous for it’s rainy weather, I rarely saw any wellies around the city – they are mainly for use in the countryside there. When I arrived at GW I realized that not only are they a trend here on campus, but also an extreme necessity. When I bought my first pair of city wellies I immediately reached for my leggings and a button up to go with them. This became a staple of freshman year when it rained – a quick go to outfit. However, the same thing time after time bores me, especially when half the campus is wearing the same outfit. Since I have returned I have yet to venture to the back of my closet for my wellies, waiting to be inspired to wear them a different way. Then I spotted this Fashionista, who stood out in all light hues on this dreary day. Not only did she opt from the typical legging, but she went for white, ripped jeans paired with a loose silk top. She actually made an outfit that worked perfectly with her wellies. I would have never thought to whip out my white jeans in this weather, but I am now tempted. This overall look encompasses fashion with function, making it ideal for college and everyday wear.

Hint: Multiple brands now make rainboots. The traditional and most widely worn brand around campus is Hunter, in a classic style. For a sleeker look they make a slimmer fitting boot called the Regent. However, all Hunters have the same thick, heavy sole and the only way to avoid that but also still have the function of the waterproof boot would be by trying a pair of riding boots. Personally, these are one of the top things on my list for they are waterproof, slimmer than most rainboots and therefore lighter, yet still fashionable. The Aigle boot has long been one of the most popular styles in England for riding and now is becoming known outside the stables. You can actually find them online at J.Crew, with a contrasting brown band at the top. So whether you needed inspiration or a new pair of wellies, now is the time to take them out of the closet and reinvent the way you wear them.

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