TREND: WEEKend Doesn’t Mean CHIC Ends

As college students, we have a multitude of difficult school work to complete during the week. Essays, projects and exams are only the half of it!  When the weekend rolls around, everyone is just ready to relax and have fun.  Even though we typically put energy into our evening-wear, our days are spent vegging out and catching up on the latest Glee episode.  When you do finally gain enough energy to step outside and pick up those much needed groceries, don't sacrifice your style for the comfort found in those baggy, old sweatpants.

This Fashionista does more than just errands when she goes out. She works her skinny, casual Madewell jeans with a fleece top from a local Los Angeles designer. Her shirt is a hazy charcoal color and it has a practical sweatshirt-like pocket facing front and center. The jacket that this Fashionista is wearing is a stylish edition from Urban Outfitters.  With elements like a drawstring waist to complement her petite figure and a furry dropped collar to enhance her shoulders and bust-line, it's a great go-to jacket. If you're tired from a long night at that frat party and you're feet are just aching from those fabulous new strappy heels you just had to rock, then sunglasses and Uggs are the way to go. I'm not saying that Uggs are always the best boot choice, but when your little toes are just done-in, they are definitely a must.

The cozy sheep skin interior is so snug, soft, and convertible; the top of the boot can always fold over to display how fuzzy they truly are.  The short black UGGs even match her dark Gucci sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great accessory to splurge on because they can be worn all year long. Most styles are timeless and they can hide even the deepest post-drinking under-eye bags.

This Fashionista finishes her look with a rosy colored lip and a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag, which can give the most sluggish girl a classy lure.  

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