TREND: Expanding Your Pant Collection

If there’s one thing I love about pants, it’s color. With a pair of pants, color is unexpected. Most people go for the kill in other areas of the outfit: accessories, shoes, or on the top half of the body. It’s much more rare to see a Fashionista/o experimenting with color in the bottom half of the outfit. Too often is a fun pant color overlooked when we go into a store—most of us go for the jean, the khaki, or the legging. Let’s jump out of our comfort zone a little, shall we?

This Fashionista is bold in her purple corduroy skinny pants. The color isn’t too overwhelming (it doesn’t have to be fluorescent purple to make a statement), but just enough to draw attention to the lower half of her body. She’s paired them with a white belt, perfectly tying in the white from the sweater. The belt also makes the pants pop just a little bit more, allowing her to look extremely confident in her outfit choice. In addition, her booties are adorable and quite original. I love the layers of fabric and how she matches the gray with her plain gray T-shirt.

To get this Fashionista’s look, try a skinny pant in your favorite color. If you’re going for more of a jean effect and you’re not comfortable with too much color down under, this pair from 7 For All Mankind will satisfy your needs. Remember, a pant collection that has a broad spectrum of color gives power to our everyday garb and gives us way more options than we ever thought possible.

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