TREND: Welcome to Bohemia

Every time summer rolls around, the heat lulls me back into a bohemian state: loose-fitting tops, cut-off shorts and wild accessories. This trend epitomizes summer while keeping you comfortable in the hot weather. The key to nailing this trend is getting your accessories right; this means large, natural looking crystals, like this Fashionista’s ring.

All crystals vary in shape and size, so you’re guaranteed to look unique while sporting this trend; although you will be channeling the 1970’s, modern twists will bring this look up-to-date and will make the look your own. You can find rings with chains holding in the stones, like this Fashionista, which makes the trend very modern but with a hint of vintage. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, and one of the most popular in stores; you can find turquoise jewelry at stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Russe. Amethyst is another popular (and gorgeous!) option.

To perfect your bohemian look, pair large gem stones with moccasins, feathers and a straw fedora. If this is too retro for your style, start by wearing an oversized crystal ring or necklace with your everyday apparel. This way, you can retain your personal style while incorporating this trend! For some major bohemian inspiration, visit this blog; it showcases everything bohemian, from crystals to feathers, and head dresses to horses!

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