TREND: Well, “Orange” We Happy Today!

Orange: the color of the sun, my favorite fruit, a picturesque sunset, macaroni and cheese, and my iPod. Orange is few and far between in our everyday world, but it’s hard to find something orange that doesn’t make me happy.

I noticed today’s Fashionista out of my peripheral thanks to her use of the second color in the rainbow. The chunky orange scarf makes this outfit and shows how a simple accessory can make all the difference. I don’t think I would have tagged her down if she hadn’t caught my eye with a punch of bright color. She reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker a la Sex and The City: The Movie in the scene depicting her standing outside her apartment on a rainy day.

What’s also great is how the scarf is so thick and covers her entire neck—necessary for cold, outside walks to and from campus. She uses a simple blazer and gray jeans to keep her outfit comfortable during finals. The boots combine western cowgirl with a riding-boot feel. The brown of the boot compliments the scarf and ties the outfit together head to toe. Her worn-in messenger bag adds a touch of vintage and is the perfect way to tote around our studying essentials.

When it comes to scarves, look for something you can wear with anything you own. This over-the-head scarf is perfect for those of you seeking extra warmth during these next couple of months. Old Navy is the place to go if you're looking for a chuky scarf in virtually any color.

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