TREND: Wellie Weather

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve found myself eagerly checking the weather forecast for signs of rain. Happily, I woke up to scattered rain showers early last week. Why all the excitement about rain? Well, it was finally time to wear my new rain boots! I love rain boots. They go with nothing and with everything, and for me, they are special occasion footwear. After all, while I do love my rain boots and  want to wear them every day, I can only wear them when the ground is wet. To do otherwise would just be silly.

This Fashionista is sporting the classic rubber rain boot. The tall fit and buckle are truly iconic, and if you are new to the world of wellies, I would recommend starting with a pair of these. I have two new favorite styles for this season. The first is very much like a classic wellie, but with a shorter calf height. Because it hits at the lower part of the calf, you can avoid awkward fabric bunching that so often happens with tall boots. I am partial to the Hunter brand, and they make a variety of boots in many different styles and colors. I bought these last week. I also have my eye on a pair of rubber riding boots from Aigle. They are sleek and sophisticated, and they don’t necessarily look like rain boots. In fact, I could wear these every day, and it wouldn’t be silly.

Hint: When purchasing rain boots, make sure they have a rubber sole. Otherwise, cold temperatures will cause the boot to crack, leaving you with cold and wet feet. Additionally, wellies are perfect for tromping around campus year-round. They even double as snow boots. So, while spending $100+ on a pair of boots may seem out of the question for a college kid, I would argue that they are a necessary expense (at least here in Bloomington). 

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