TREND: Western Winter

You know it’s a good indicator that your outfit rocks when you’re stopped more than once by fellow classmates while making your way around campus. I imagine that’s how the featured Fashionista felt on the day I took her picture. Contrary to what students would expect around final exams, as we near the end of another extensive semester, Sun Devil Fashionista/os have never looked better. The saying stands: dress for success. The trend I discovered this past week while scoping out the gleaming outfits of both downtown Phoenix and Tempe campus students was the mix of light and heavy clothing, which truly depicts what a fall/winter in southern Arizona is like.  

As pictured, the Fashionista’s ensemble is just what I would imagine when I think of fall and winter in the valley. A bright floral dress with a chunky scarf and brown boots that fall just below the knees was a smart choice for an overall sunny day with light breezes. Similar looks seen around campus have been floral minis covered with chunk sweaters and cardigans, and a reversed mix of pants with floral blouses and solid colored scarves. It’s always a smart idea to walk out the door with an extra layer that can easily be removed because while it may be chilly at 7 a.m., by noon it could feel like summer again.

Floral pieces for fall/winter can be beautiful. Remember to keep the same color palette if you’re going to accessorize around them, especially with other patterns, such as the pattern on a scarf. Try reflecting florals in your accessories such as an eye-popping ring or necklace. Don’t forget to embrace the season and celebrate our western winter.

Be playful with boots this season. They’re a winter must. Knee-high or right at the ankle, try finding a pair that reflect your true style and mood. One of my all time favorite places to scope out the latest styles of boots is Two words: boots heaven. Be daring this season and try a pair of combat boots.

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