TREND: What Works on Labor Day

I hope that the first week of classes hasn't been too taxing, and that being back on campus as already begun to inspire a new look! In college, we look for any and every excuse to celebrate, so when it comes to a Labor Day party or a BBQ, it's the perfect time, and it may very well be the last time, you will be wearing those white skinny jeans.

I love the bohemian accessories this Fashionista added to her white jeans by Flying Monkey. Clunky shoes like her leather and wooden Michael Kors clogs are stomping down the runways this season, and the lacey vest is breezy and vintage, allowing her to truly relish the last days of summer. I like to think her black tank shows a hint of mourning for her summer whites as they are laid to rest in her closet until next summer, but if not, it definitely adds a bold contrast!

Clogs are definitely a must among celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Miley Cyrus, and Kate Beckinsale. They give you sexy height, casual comfort, and an edge with details like leather and studs. Paired with tight jeans or even a wide short, these clogs will keep you on your feet from day to night!

Hint: Grab these clogs who's prices cannot be beat-Got to love back to school! Funky colors and details like chains let you match the clog to your personal style!

1. Aldo Shoes- Galuski in Ice or Cognac

2. Lulu's- Miss Me

3. DSW- Two Lips

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