TREND: White in the Winter

Even in January, this Fashionista looks hot! Her white denim, a trend most are cautious to embrace, is flawlessly balanced out by a leather jacket and intertwined scarves. The dark leather jacket and shoes complement the white, and the contrasting colors are softened by the scarves and bangle.

The key to wearing white during the winter is to strike the perfect balance that fits the season. A floral top and sandals (while cute), would take the white denim in too summery a direction. It’s important to stand out, but not because you’re dressed like it’s June when it’s actually January.

So bravo, Fashionista! We should all take a lesson from her because this trend, when done right, is definitely a winner! Hesitant about white denim? This Fashionista also toted a beautiful winter white bag and bangle. Test out how you can work this classic look into your everyday life, because nothing lightens up dreary winter weather like a bright pop of white.

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