TREND: White Linen

There is no fabric that screams "spring" and "summer" more than white linen. It is lightweight yet still incredibly crisp, and pieces made in this fabric tend to have an undeniable sense of sophistication to them. With warm weather now a consistency in D.C., white linen looks are great options for everyday wear. And, truly, the rule about no white before Memorial Day is irrelevant; being fashion-forward is always en vogue, regardless of the time of year.

It was during one exceptionally warm and sunny day this week that I spotted this Fashionista, sporting an amazing white linen look. This Fashionista sports white linen in the form of an ultra-feminine sundress that I really like: the length, the ribbing down the front, and the faux collar all immediately work to provide an indisputable cosmopolitan look that propels her into the chicness of adulthood (and farther and father away from the appearance of an everyday college student). This Fashionista could wear this great dress to an internship, dinner, or class…her options are truly endless. I also really like how this Fashionista used a belt to break up the all-white look (which may have been somewhat overwhelming had she not done so). This Fashionista's belt features white braiding and a vintage-inspired, chocolate brown leather buckle; because of its styling, this belt will be easy to pair with almost anything in this Fashionista's closet. Finally, by accessorizing with tan-colored ballet flats, a small, tan-colored clutch, minimal jewelry, and a pair of aviators, this Fashionista pulls her entire look together with ease.

Hint: For D.C.'s warm weather, do as this Fashionista did and break out your white linen! The whole you-can't-wear-white-before-Memorial-Day notion is a complete fashion myth and is one that should never be abided by if the weather is appropriate. My favorite way to rock this über-chic trend is by wearing white linen pants with a knit top and fun, single-toned sandals. This look is perfect for springtime in the District because it's leightweight enough to wear in the warmth outside, yet heavy enough to stay toasty in GWU's overly air conditioned classrooms. Plus, you'll also quickly learn to love this look because, in addition to it being fashion-forward, it's also incredibly comfortable. Need I say more?

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