TREND: White or Wrong?

According to fashion, you can’t wear white after Labor Day. I’m not exactly sure where this infamous rule came from, but apparently one reason was to keep people wearing summer clothes  during the summer and winter clothes during the winter. At first, the rule was mainly about shoes, i.e. “Only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day.” Clearly this Fashionista knows how to follow the rules with her white socks and slightly scuffed Chucks, but there’s also ways to break the rules during this day in age where you will still be accepted in society.

Take, for example, the floral print summer dress. It’s cute, colorful, short, sweet, and good for hot summer days. Now fast forward to fall, or even winter. Add some leggings or thick tights, boots, and use the same bag and belt worn over a warm cardigan and you’re set. Basically all of the items in this outfit can be used again in the cooler months, they are no longer confined to June, July, and August.

Rethink your summer wardrobe. Recycling and incorporating summer clothing into other seasons has been a popular idea in fashion for a while now.

Hint: Magazines such as Lucky often have editorials that show you how to use an item of clothing in the summer and then later on in the fall. Dresses are easy to build on. Layers are essential to stay warm, so use a long sleeve under or a chunky-knit sweater on top.   

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