TREND: Who Says You Can’t Wear Long Skirts?

When I think about summer, I think about wearing shorts, dresses, and shorter skirts to prevent myself from overheating. The thought of a long skirt tends to spark thoughts of Anne of Green Gables attire, but this Fashionista's elegant, long, silk, printed skirt demonstrates that with the right material, and colors to match, you can truly rock any garment. To wear a long skirt in the summer properly, a Fashionista must pay close attention to material, texture and color in both the bottom and the top of the outfit. I absolutely love her use of colors! With a lighter blue, red, and beige theme in the skirt, the Fashionista's purple tank adds a perfect touch. A longer skirt with the right kind of tank, makes all the difference, especially if you're going for a bohemian look! Steering clear of anything too tight. This Fashionista's skirt has a light texture and is great for a day of vintage shopping in the Village or Williamsburg.

Hint: With a patterned skirt or top (or just a lot going on in a piece of your outfit) a great way of toning it down to a more classy level is just by creating a bit of consistancy to the outfit. I adore how this Fashionista uses black as a color to complete the look. As a true lover of Jackie-O fashion (she is a GWU alum afterall!), this Fashionista's big sunglasses are reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and go great with her trendy strappy sandals and black leather tote. She looks savvy, yet comfortable. Black is such a great way of creating a final touch, and since every Fashionista has black somewhere in that closet, it's such an easy way of creating that much more of a fashionable look!

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