We’ve all see them – the clothing items that were cool in the past and although deemed dated in subsequent decades they have made a sudden comeback as the next big trend. From skinny jeans to jumpsuits, these retro fashions have stormed back onto the runways. But, what about denim button-downs? Have they truly returned to the fashion scene? Are they here to stay?

With this Fashionista as proof, the answer is clearly yes. She manages to combine two '80s trends: the distressed denim oxford and the black leggings. This combination creates one fashionable look that says anything but outdated. She even followed my advice on a previous post by purchasing the Target riding boots that I had strongly recommended. Overall, through her minimalist style, she shows off her ability to stay comfortable while still looking effortlessly chic. And following a short but sweet Thanksgiving break, you may have to ease yourself back into campus fashion, so this is the perfect way to do that.

Hint: Love denim but not crazy about oxfords? Try integrating distressed denim in another unique way. Although a jean jacket may be an obvious choice, there are plenty of other styles beyond the typical one. Go for your classic blazer or motorcycle jacket in denim. For a more feminine vibe, check out jean dresses, which will showcase everything from tight and grunge to sweet and classy.

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