TREND: Winter Whites

Last night in fashion class we got into a heated discussion of whether it was okay to wear white after labor day. We all agreed that yes, modern times allow for rules to be broken. And as long as you don't wear white linen pants in fall or winter it's appropriate.

Well how did this rule come about anyway? Historians speculate that it was two things. One, white reflects light and heat, so those clothes are lower quality protection against cold weather. And two, the rule was meant to be a guideline for new members of the middle class in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Photos from that time show the working class in dark clothes going off to work in urban areas. Meanwhile, the wealthy enjoyed relaxation at resorts and on cruises in white pants, hats, and leisure clothes.

But today things have changed. Coco Chanel always made white a part of her year-long wardrobe, and Michelle Obama stunned in a snowy white gown at the inaugural ball.

This Fashionista shines in a mostly white ensemble, with a white coat, snuggly knitted scarf, and fabulous flapper-inspired hat with floral detail. She finishes off the look with white tennis shoes and black skinny jeans. The key to wearing white in winter is to choose heavy weight fabrics so that you stay warm and look like you are dressed for the correct season. Wear a white soft shawl collar sweater to feel like a stylish snowbunny, and pair with suede slouchy boots. White lace up military booties add a girly touch to the usually edgy trend. Stand out among all the little black dresses this season in a chic white cocktail dress.

White can be fashionable in winter, so go ahead and be inspired by your snowy surroundings!


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