TREND: Winter Whites and Other Rule-Breakers

Part of being a Fashionista is being willing to step outside of the box of archaic stipulations when getting dressed in the morning. If you want to try some bright, opaque tights under your peep-toe booties in the wintertime, do it! If a little pattern-mixing strikes your fancy, or if you think your lace-up Doc Marten boots look great with an ultra-feminine mini dress, then run with it. Breaking the rules is how fashion trends are created in the first place. I spotted this Fashionista going against the so-called grain by wearing white (gasp!) after Labor Day! Her wintry white accessories compliment her chambray shirtdress perfectly. (Chambray is a great year-round fabric because it looks like a more refined denim, without the same stiffness and structure of the much heavier style.) I’m sure this Fashionista didn’t wake up one day with a

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